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Terms and Conditions for Capio Co.

Products and Services: Capio Co. offers a concept service of renting fashion items. The dresses undergo dry-cleaning and an extensive checkup after each rental.

  1. Rental Period:
    The rental period for each item is 3, 5 or 7 days.
  • The rental period begins on the day the item is delivered to the customer’s given address and ends on the day the item is handed over to the courier.
  • The rental fee includes the rental period, and any additional fees for late returns will be assessed according to our late return policy, damage policy and loss policy.
  1. Rental Fees:
    Rental fees are due at the time of rental through the website only and by paying an insurance deposit of a fixed amount (as specified by Capio Co.).
  • Insurance deposits are only refundable upon returning the item undamaged and on the date agreed on after renting the item.
  • Insurances deposits won’t be refunded to items returned with damage and excessive wear that goes beyond normal usage, and additional damage fees may apply.
  • Rental fees are non-refundable.
  • Items are priced in the local currency (SAR).
  • Payment of item rental should be collected in local currency only.
  • There is no-exchange policy after signing the contract.
  1. Item Condition:
    All items are checked for damages and stains before and after each rental.
  • The client is responsible for returning the item in the same condition as it was received, normal wear and tear accepted.
  • Any damage or stains will be assessed and charged accordingly.
  • We take our rental dresses seriously and expect our customers to do the same. Please take proper care of the dress and return it on time to avoid any additional charges.
  • If the item is returned in an unusable condition, such as: (stains that can’t be removed, tears or holes, any alterations done without permission, missing or broken accessories, burn marks, missing or excessively damaged buttons or zippers, some water damage that can be permanent), then the client will be charged the full replacement cost of the item.
  • Normal wear and tear accepted:(minor stains or discoloration that can be easily removed with standard cleaning methods, slight fraying or piling of fabric in areas that receive normal wear) is defined as normal wear and tear.
  1. Loss/theft policy:
    In case of loss and theft of the dress by the client, then legal action will be taken against them.
  1. Late Returns:
    If the item is returned after the agreed-upon rental period, a late fee of (125% of original rental fees) will be charged for each day the item is late, and these fees will be deducted from the insurance deposit paid for the rented item.
  • If the item is not returned within (4) days after the rental period has ended, the client will be charged the full replacement cost of the item.
  1. Copyright and Trademarks:
    The pictures available on the website are copyrights for the shop.
  • The pictures are shared by clients of the shop with their consent.
  • The pictures, videos, and item descriptions created by the marketing team of Capio Co. and shared on social media are trademark of the shop.
  • The logo of the shop is copyright for Capio Co. and can’t be used by other businesses/companies.
  1. Cancellation Policy:
    If the client cancels 5 days or less prior to the requested rental date, then no refund will be given.
  • The rental dress business owner Capio Co. reserves the right to charge the renter for any damages or theft that occur during the rental period, as outlined in the rental agreement.
  • If Capio Co. cancels the rental for any reason, the client will receive a full refund of any rental fees paid.
  1. Size and Fit:
    The client is responsible for ensuring that the item fits properly before renting the item and paying.
  1. Identification and personal information:
    The client should provide the number of their valid government ID at the time of rental on the website.
  • The client should provide their personal information and fill all required boxes on the website, to be able to continue their rental process.
  • Identification and personal information should be provided on the website for security and safety reasons for all rented items.
  1. Liability:
    The dress rental shop is not liable for any injuries, damages, or losses arising from the use or misuse of the rented item.
  1. Indemnification:
    The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the dress rental shop, its employees, agents, and representatives from any and all claims, damages, or losses arising from the use or misuse of the rented item.
  1. Governing Law and disputes:
    All Capio Co. agreements will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia. If any dispute arises between the two parties, it shall be resolved amicably, and if this is not possible, then this dispute should be resolved in the courts of Saudi Arabia.
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